Marie Livingston's Steakhouse

The Burger

Burger details to be announced. Commence salivating...

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Marie Livingston’s Steakhouse
2705 Apalachee Parkway
Tallahassee, FL 32301

For 18 years, Marie Livingston’s Steakhouse has fed Tallahassee residents its savory cuts of marbled beef, marinated in its signature secret sauce, along with the best Tallahassee seafood. The restaurant, which moved into its third location late last year on Apalachee Parkway, is a raved-about local favorite, the type of restaurant where people plan 11:30 a.m. lunches and 9 p.m. dinners to escape the crowd. But what many Tallahassee residents don’t know is that the popular steakhouse isn’t an out-of-town chain, nor is the name a marketing gimmick. There is a real Marie Livingston.

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