The Truffle Melt


The Burger

Sautéed mushrooms and onions, melted provolone and truffle mayo on grilled sourdough.

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Andrew's Downtown is in the business of serving families and making memories. Whether at one of the two restaurants or through the catering arm, Andrew's Downtown always provides a family-friendly atmosphere that is safe, comfortable and healthy. In addition, Andrew's Downtown has become the second family to literally thousands of college students who have worked for Andy over the last 40 years. Roughly 80% of the staff in all three entities are college students working to help pay their own way through college. Andy and his management team make sure the employees gain valuable lifelong lessons learned through teamwork, hard work, and learning how to be hospitable and responsible. Management is flexible with them schedule-wise semester after semester. Andrew's Downtown fulltime employees exceed industry standards for longevity of employment. For example, Miss Ollie was with Andy for 38 years before her recent passing and Jim Perran is still with Andy after over 3 decades. John Delcamp, an FSU Hospitality graduate worked as a chef in Andrew's 2nd Act from 1975-1979 and now his son Alex Delcamp, also a hospitality major at FSU, works as a cook in the Grill. Former employees are so loyal to Andy and Andrew's Downtown that they started a Facebook group called "At some point in my life I worked for Andrew Reiss" and it has almost 300 members. We are members of the following organizations: Tallahassee Association of Wedding Professionals (TAWP) Tallahassee Area Convention and Visitors Bureau (TACVB) Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association

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